The Control is a game firstly created at a “local” Game Jam, at Ludus Academie in november 2019. The initial project had a potential with already a few mechanics made during only one day. The idea of controlling an environnement and not an entity is at the center of the idea.

The theme was “Fundamental order vs Integral Chaos”, so the game is inspired by the physics fundamental interactions, but with some game design compromises. This is not a simulator, rather a proposition to mix knowns about quantum physics and game design experience about changing the main focus from an entity to an environnement.


Live preview

Because the project is still in developpement, check-out all the details and the last version on the project page .

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The project is developped with the help of friend who’s making graphical assets. Also, I tried to submit this game to the first GameCup, but without any result. For this event, I created a Game Design Document, Business Plan and other documents. If you are interested by those, you can ask me for them. Here is the detailed Game Design Document (only available in french).