About me

Hi ! I’m Marceli Hawrysz, but most people know me as “John Flex”. Born in 1999, since my earlier years I’m passionate by video games. This passion led me to become a student at Ludus Academie and, by this, a video games developper, but also developper in many other domains like mobile apps, websites, databases.

I’m passionnate by games , and especially those that explore the limits of game design’s and story design’s limits, or that try differents ways of play, like Get Even for it’s story, Hacknet which is a game that inspired me a lot in my projects, or also Orwell and Her Story. I consider that nothing is impossible while realising a game. The best demonstration of that point of view is my project Galaxy Painting Golf 2 or Rubik’s Robber. I consider them as games with a top potential gameplays, even if they (probably) never will be finised.

This passion is also expressed through the hardware I like : The HoloLens. As said in my HoloLens Discovery post, I really enjoyed all the feelings when I had the device on my head. Since that moment, I love to work with AR and the HoloLens. In the end, I would like to become an HoloLens Evangelist. I believe that, one day, this device will be a very popular tool and everyone will use it everyday in work and even in private life. I’m looking at how the device and all the things around evolves.

Except those things, I’m very creative and I like any kind of stories. My second favorite book is “1984” by G. Orwell which inspired me to write my own book, or rather a 4 volumes saga. There is only one book available right now, and only in french, but I’m working on translations and the three other volumes. You can find more details on the post related to this information.

Finally, I’m a hard-working person. During july 2020, I obtained the Unity Certified Programmer : Professional certification, after only two years of working with Unity. Still talking about Unity, I’ve worked with a lot of different add-ons and peripheral devices : I’ve worked with iBeacons, with Vuforia which allows objects and images recognition, with HoloLens mentionned before and with Open CV, another tool helping with image processing and analysis. I also made two websites while working as a freelancer, but you can find all the informations on the posts related to this (this one and this one).

Well, feel free to browse and test projects, and if you have a project to suggest or would like to work on a project with me, use the contact form and get in touch with me !

Johnny !